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How To Spend Your Single Vacation

Select the answers that most apply to you.

The main purpose of a vacation is to:

have fun
experience new things
spend time with family

Vacations should be taken:

every few years
about once a year

When it comes to the traveling part of a vacation, getting there is:

half the fun
a necessary evil

If you vacationed in a foreign country, you would:

ask the locals where the hot spots are
stay in/near your hotel
sign up for some guided tours
go sightseeing but stick to the traditional sights

When it comes to the cost of a vacation, you:

shop for packages and deals that will save money
get sticker shock and change your mind about going
probably spend more than you should
spend somewhere between economy and first class rates

Planning a vacation should be:

a fun part of the process
quick and easy

When it comes to vacation destinations, you:

stick to resorts
have a tough time deciding
prefer the exotic
have a long list of places you want to go

Your favorite hotels have:

a pool
24 hour room service
taxi service
a great restaurant

When you were a child most of your vacations were:

camping trips
different every year
spent visiting family

After a vacation you should:

need to recover from all the fun
feel rested and ready to get back to work
be able to cross a few things off your bucket list
have lots of photographs and souvenirs of a great trip