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What Type of Single Are You?

Select the answers that most apply to you.

Dinnertime is:

a quaint notion from the past
a suggestion
approximately the same time every evening
the loneliest time of day

A weekend with no plans is:

time for hobbies, chores and rest
very rare
an opportunity to go out on the town

Valentineís Day is:

about all kinds of love
an opportunity to show someone youíre interested
for people in relationships
a non-holiday created by greeting card companies and florists

Your last vacation was:

just the right mix of fun and relaxation
a bit hectic but enjoyable
rather boring
whatís a vacation?

When a friend tells you about an argument with their spouse, you are:

sympathetic but glad you canít really relate
sympathetic but reminded that being single has its perks
sympathetic but thinking thatís not the worst problem to have
sympathetic but a little jealous

When youíre invited to an event you want to attend but at which everyone else will be coupled-up, you:

go alone and enjoy yourself
go but only if you can bring a friend
make a polite excuse not to go
ask the host/hostess if they could find you a date

First date conversation should:

be casual and fun
be casual and a little flirty
include lots of questions and answers to find out what you have in common
include details about your past relationships and your plans for the future

New Yearís Eve is:

just another day on the calendar
a great excuse to party
all about the kiss

Your home is:

your sanctuary
where all your stuff is
your most recent address
where you spend most of your time

Your future looks:

full of possibilities
better than the present