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Select the answers that most apply to you.

Your favorite type of movie is:

a fast-paced action flick
a romantic melodrama
a screwball comedy
a whodunit

On a free Saturday afternoon youíre most likely:

working out
taking care of things around the house
taking a nap
doing volunteer work

Retirement means:

more time to cross things off your bucket list
more time to spend with family and friends
more time to travel
starting a second career

The perfect gift for you would be:

a blindfold and a ride to somewhere unknown
a gift card
a surprise party
a charitable donation made in your name

Your home decorating style can best be described as:

ready for company
organized chaos

When it comes to pets you prefer:

a dog that can keep up on morning runs
a variety - the more the merrier
not to have any
a cat you adopted from the local shelter

Your last vacation was:

an expedition and youíre planning the next one
a visit to a family member or friendís home
a long weekend away
whatís a vacation?

Your smartphone is:

a necessary evil
your favorite toy
your lifeline

If an unexpected dinner guest arrived at your home you would:

place a take-out order for something to be delivered
cook a delicious meal from the ingredients you already have
take them to that great new restaurant youíve heard about
take them to the local market so you can shop and then cook dinner together

10. The reality show on which you would most like to appear is:

The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Big Brother
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition